Sunday, August 22, 2010

Starting a Private Blog

I have some serious blogger fans from China (lol -see comments from post below), and since our little guy has made his appearance I've decided to go private before introducing him to the world of blogging. If I have your e-mail you'll get an invite soon, if not list it here and I'll add you!

Here's the link to the new blog: =)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Baby Shower!

My wonderful friend Bethany threw me such a wonderful baby shower! My talented friend Stacy made all the invitations, and another super talented friend Danell made all the super cute decorations! I am sooo grateful to these girls for all the work and effort they did in my behalf, they are so very kind and thoughtful. I seriously only expected like 6 or 7 people to come, so when I arrived to a full house I was stunned. It was such a fun evening and I so appreciated all the thoughtful gifts! Friday night I stayed up till 4am going through all the baby stuff and started getting really excited for this little guy to come!

I wasn't very good about taking pictures of all the super cute decorations, so to check out the details visit Danell's crafting blog and check out all the other cool stuff she does while your there too!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Moving! (with some help =)

We are moving across "town" from Avondale to Gilbert, which is about an hour away. Since the distance is manageable we've broken up the moving process into stages. Edward had some movers come and get all the big furniture on Wednesday. (Wednesday night was also my baby shower, and if I can find my camera I will post more on that. It was so wonderful!) Anyway, Thursday night my Mom came down in her truck with my brother Jay to help me move some of the little stuff over. I don't think you realize how much "little stuff" you have until you attempt a move. It feels good to sort through stuff though and get rid of all the "why do we even have this?" items. We took one pick-up truck load of stuff to the DI.
Let me just say we couldn't have accomplished all that we did this weekend without the help of my brother Jay. My mother isn't supposed to lift very heavy objects and I being pregnant guess that I shouldn't either. Jay is handicapped with Autism and is like a 6yr old in a massive bulldozer body. For someone who spends most of his time building things with legos, doing puzzles, and rocking in a rocking chair, he has some serious muscle mass and is built like an ogre. (The HS football coach in Page always commented on how much he wished Jay could play for the team, he's built right and can kick a football way across the field).
Anyway, I would load up the boxes full of stuff, and then Jay would carry them one by one out to the truck where my mom would secure them down with a tarp and some bungee cords. Then Jay would help us with the unloading process as well. He's such a sweet boy, and so eager to help.

My Mom was such a HUGE help too, and I am so grateful for her. She helped me line the drawers and cupboards with contact paper, finish painting a room, and clean. And I was tired, hot, and grouchy part of the time and she was so patient and loving to me. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful mother!
They were only here for two days, but we were able to get most of the stuff moved over. We still have our TV and Internet hooked up in Avondale, as well as all our animals over here, so Edward and I are sleeping on an air-mattress tonight. It is fun, probably the closest thing to camping I'll ever get Edward to do! ;)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

I exploded =)

Shortly after Easter my belly really popped out, and since then it just keeps growing and growing! I love this stage of pregnancy because I can feel him moving around : ) I still have 4 months left though so I'm starting to wonder just how big I'm going to get. Snacking and sleeping all the time is so not a healthy lifestyle. Edward would laugh at me some days because I would start to nod off before we had even finished eating dinner. It was like someone took my batteries out, my body would just completely shut down so I couldn't even think straight. I'm getting past that stage now though, and lately I've been having these wonderful bursts of energy (usually fueled by crafty projects;).
I've been refusing to buy maternity clothes -doing the hair-tie through the belt loop thing with long shirts pulled down over, and wearing stretchy skirts, but I finally broke down and went to my favorite little thrift store "Hope's Closet". It is a cute little shop that runs completely on volunteer basis to help raise funds for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. I got 9 cute shirts in bigger sizes, all in great condition, from Ann Taylor, Banana Republic, Gap, etc. and a skirt for a total of $15 dollars. Can't beat that!
Last night Edward and I ordered pizza and as we were waiting to pick it up, another customer in line asked us what we were having. Edward automatically answered "Pepperoni and Jalapenos". I had to laugh, he's not used to being asked that question. It was funny to watch his face as it dawned on him the gentleman was referring to our baby =)

Sunday, March 14, 2010


We are expecting a little baby BOY due Aug 20th! Some of you know what a long process it has been for us getting this far as we've waited patiently through fertility treatments and some discouraging disappointments along the way. Which explains my procrastination in making this announcement. I kept telling myself, if everything is ok after the next Doctors appointment, then I'll tell everybody. But we've had several ultrasounds and everything seems to be right on track so were starting to let ourselves hope and get excited! I'm about 18 weeks now (I think, I lose track time goes by so fast and then so slow sometimes) and I'm starting to show even through my baggy sweaters, so I decided this is a good time to share the news! Thanks to everybody for all the prayers in our behalf. =)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Edward's Toys

I know this is overdue, but I thought I'd blog about some of Edward's Christmas presents he bought himself. He is so nostalgic about toys he had as a kid, and I can kind of relate. (I love collecting children's books that I enjoyed while growing up, partly because someday I hope my kids will enjoy reading them also.) Anyway, I rushed home from a work Christmas party to meet Edward so we could go to the Saturday night Stake Conference session together, and when I walked in the door I was bombarded with Nerf-darts. Edward was crouched on the floor in his suit and tie with one of these bad boys... and it fires off a LOT of darts in rapid succession!
This lovely (not) toy now has a permanent location next to the couch in our family room. I kept moving it but it kept reappearing, so I finally asked him what the deal was. (Plus our home teachers were coming over that night and I was a little worried about what kind of reception he'd planned) Turns out he's been using it to shoot our two cats whenever they scratch on the screen door or furniture or hop on the counter. (I used to just squirt them with a water bottle, but that requires getting off the couch, and Edward is much more inventive ;) Our house has an open floor-plan so Edward can aim into several different rooms from his spot on the couch. And I get to pick up darts I find scattered all over the house (good practice for when I have kids:). The second toy he bought himself was a "Sock'em Rock'em" that he said we could use to solve arguments (better then rock, paper, scissors eh), but it's still in the box. (must be cuz we never disagree, lol =)

I love that Edward has such a youthful spirit and finds the joy and pleasure in simple things. He makes me laugh every day. He'll be such a fun loving Dad to our kids. I'm a very blessed gal.